Whether you are starting a firm from scratch or you have been established for decades, you need to adapt to survive.

Times have been challenging in almost all financial services business sectors over the last few years and many firms have been cautious about change.

However, the market has continued to move on at an even faster pace during this difficult time.

Start Ups

Bluefriars offers a wide variety of support to start ups including the Bluefriars Umbrella, a service that helps lower the cost of market entry for insurance brokers. Bluefriars can assist you with building your own firm from compliance outsourcing to firm authorisation. We are already doing this for two growing businesses and are fielding enquiries from others wishing to set their own agenda.



Bluefriars provides a full range of services including consulting, training, technical authoring, temporary staffing, business process redesign, post section-166

remedial work, business planning and specialist advice in financial crime prevention. Our clients include netowrks;investment banks and major training organisations.



Why not take a look at a sample of projects in which Bluefriars has played a part. Bluefriars has consultants with expertise in both the public and private sector, providing services from consulting reports to temporary staffing and team rebuilding.

What our customers say

"Bluefriars provided strong leadership to our financial crime team"

- Julie Sadler, Chief Risk Officer, Sesame Bankhall Group

"Bluefriars helped our team understand that every case they manage is a risk to our business"

- Ted Jones, Managing Director, Northcott Global Solutions